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Looking for quality reliable lawn mower in China?

China mower specialized in manufacturing mower,  Gas Lawn Mower, li-ion Battery Lawn Mower, hedge trimmer, saw chain, accessory located in Shenzhen, China. In addition to producing high-quality mower , we provide a full range of services, from whole mower to accessory part and making sure everything is in garden place.

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The founder’s story!

Two guy from same hometown(Hunan province) chase the dream in Shenzhen . Allen , study hard university in five years. Looking forward to society after graduate , though, Allen was cheated by reality , working hard but not emphasize by boss   Read More

Customer Reviews

Chinamower professional lawn mower factory product is very good that let we are satisfaction and their boss also nice we have cooperation very.

robbin, A company

We bought hand-push mower from Chinamower factory. We are satisfy with their after-service. The machine is very good .

anny, B company

I’ve been extensively researching the Chinamower market and provider and I’ve checked Sukin and Chinamower’s reference and they’ve all……

steven, c company

Product Line

China mower

Main product : lawn mower , hedge trimmer , sew chine , li-on lawn mower
li-on hedge trimmer, li-on saw chine , mower accessory,ect.
Main market : Europe , Australia , North America , South America .
Established on 2008 and have 10 years experience manufacture

Application Field

Trimming Park & Courtyard


Flowers and trees are beautiful because of their unique shape. However, their shapes may be destroyed and changed as external influences. At this time, trimming the flowers and trees can make themselves neat and beautiful, which better integrate with the external environment and meet people’s aesthetic requirement. For those flowers that are blooming, mowing can reduce small bulb, thereby the flower become vigorous and beatiful. At the same time, pruning flowers and trees can play a role in balanced nutrition. We can pruning ugly leaves and flowers during the process of cultivating garden flowers and trees, which can balance the nutritional status between flower growth and reproduction, which promote Bloom and bear fruit .

The purpose of mowing: Control the length and increase the uniformity of the lawn and make the lawn brighter and greener. To prevent small insects, snakes and other animals have habitats in lawn threatening personal safety.

Good efficiency: Generally, each lawn mower can cut about 8667m2 per day, and its efficacy is 16 times of manual weeding (0.5667m2 per day).Because the mower rotates fast, the cutting effect on weeds is very good, especially for the thick tenderness weeds . Generally, weeding 3 times a year can basically meet the requirements of lawn.

Protect grass ground: manual wedding some time make the soil loosened as hoeing the lawn. it often causes a certain damage of ground and soil erosion. Specially, manual hoeing on the hill will cause more serious soil erosion. Due to cut the surface of the lawn, weeding lawn by lawn mowers result in little effect on the soil surface, which is extremely beneficial to maintaining soil and water.

Increase fertility: We must weeding the lawn until the weeds reach a certain height .The mowed weeds can cover the orchard, which can increase organic fertilizer in the orchard ..

gardening sculpt trim

gardening sculpt trim

Control plant growth: Trim the disordered, staggered or twisted branches to maintain the integrity and safety of the plants; control the growth of the branches, allowing the air to flow between the branches and leaves, the sun can also be transmitted to the lower leaves, and the strain The type meets the requirements.Regulating flowering results: Control flowering and fruit yield and quality to prevent annual results and improve fruit quality.

The hedge trimmer can be used not only for trimming hedges, but also for for weeding bushes, lawn ,forage grass harvesting . The hedge trimmer can used for pruning of tea trees and weeding in tea gardens.

The operator can make any irregular shape, cartoon shape at will by adjust the angle of the cutter slightly, or correct inclined angle shape .

It can weed some small corner that the lawn mower can not cut . And adjust flatness of mower and prune the side or mower ,which make the lawn even and beautiful.

High efficient. One person can trim 6 acres per day, which is equivalent to 6 people working with scissors for 1 day;

The flatness of the surface is better than manual trimming, and there is almost no leakage and tear rate. After trimming, it is close to the natural growth state of the hedgerow. After trimming by hedge , the crown is larger and trimming surface is neat and beautiful. and the sprouting of surface is neat and tidy than the manual trimming, and the number of new hedge is more.

Tea tree trim

tea tree trim

Tea tree pruning is the key technology for cultivating the canopy and updating the tree. When the tea tree is pruned, it should be determined according to the characteristics of the flowering cycle of the tea tree, the root content of the tea tree and the physiological condition of the tea tree, and the local climatic conditions.

Chain saws are gasoline-powered hand-held saws, which mainly used for logging and woodworking. The working principle is to perform the shearing action staggered on tree by the L-shaped blades of the saw chain. Chain saws are generally classified into motorized chain saws, non-motorized chain saws.

The trees are beautiful due to unique shape . However, their shapes may be destroyed and changed due to external influences. At this time, trimming the trees can make the trees themselves neat and beautiful, and better integrate with the external environment .

At the same time, pruning trees can play a role in balanced nutrition in its system. We can correctly prune short and bad branch during the process of cultivating tree, which can balance the nutritional status .For those trees , reasonable pruning can help the tree to differentiate branch, and make crown bigger and promote the tree trees healthy.