15 Chain Saw Tips You Need To Learn Now

//15 Chain Saw Tips You Need To Learn Now

15 Chain Saw Tips You Need To Learn Now


If you are a person who is new to the art of using a chain saw then you need to know how to use it to its full potential. Using a chain saw can be a really tiresome job. It requires a lot of physical strength to use a gas powered chain saw; which is the most powerful type of chain saw than the battery powered chain saw and the electrical chain saw.
In the United States of America, there are around 100,000 chain saw related accidents every year. Chain saws are really dangerous and if you don’t protect yourself properly then you might have an accident. Making sure that you are protected should be your top priority before using a chain saw.

Maintaining you chain saw is of paramount importance. A maintained chain saw will not break and will perform as smoothly and effectively as a new one. Some tips and tricks that can really make it easy for you to use you chain saw are as following:

1. Avoiding your Chain Saws Kickback

Using the middle portion of the guide bar, when operating a chain saw, is the most common way of using a saw to cut a log. The chain saw pushes itself slightly forward but isn’t something that is way too difficult to control.

When you use the nose of the guide bar that’s when things get dangerous. This way of cutting is a touch of alarming at first because using a saw like this pushes the saw towards you. However, you’ll be safe and fine as long as you are prepared and are wearing protective gear.

The nose of the guide bar is where you should be careful. Keep it away from yourself. Stand beside the chain saw when using the chain saw because if an event occurs where the nose of the guide bar comes in contact with something it will shoot itself towards you. This can cause some serious injury. So it’s best to avoid using the tip of the chain saw.
Make sure that your grip is strong and firm when holding and using the chain saw.

2. Blade Guard

A chain saw blade guard is made up of foam pipe insulation that can really protect your chain saws blade and can also protect you if you ever accidentally run your hand over the blades. Wrap the blade guard around the blade and then strap it tightly with a couple of rubber bands so that it doesn’t fall off.

3. Preventing Injuries

Injuries to the left arm and thigh are the most common type of injuries related to chain saws. These injuries can be prevented if you follow these tips; grip the handle firmly with your left hand and wrap your left hands thumb around the front handle so that when the chain saw kicks back you can control it.
While moving from one place to another with you chain saw running, carry it with your left hand so that if you stumble, trip or fall you won’t accidentally accelerate the chain saw which would start the chain spinning.

4. Sharpen your Chain Saw

A sharp chain saw cuts very effectively with little force on the guide bar, while a dull chain will tend to ride in the cut without having an effect on it. If you are using your chain saw and you are exerting more force than usual then your chain is dull and needs to be sharpened. Sometimes while cutting the chain saw will spit out dust instead of chips, if this happens then you need to sharpen the blades around the chain.

5. Safety Gear

Wearing the perfect safety gear is of paramount importance. It will not only protect your eyes, face and hands but will also protect your clothes from pieces of chipped wood. Wear a helmet with an attached screen to protect your face, ear plugs to protect your ear from the noise and boots that are steel-toed and a long sleeve shirt to cover your arms against the unavoidable scratches.

6. Use stabilizer for your Gasoline

When you use gasoline to operate your Chain Saw you might find that the gasoline breaks down after a while. This will cause the engine to fail, it’ll be much difficult for the engine to restart and will also mess up the entire engine with gum and varnish.
Getting your chain saw repaired is expensive. So, make sure to use a stabilizer for your gasoline when you buy it. it will save you a lot of money.

7. Use Bike Gloves to keep your hands steady

Bicyclists use gel filled gloves that are extremely effective in absorbing vibrations and with keeping your hands steady. Use them to absorb vibrations of power tools such as lawn mowers, drills, sanders and chain saws.

8. Stopper for Gas Leak
This is an easy one. If you’re repairing your petrol chain saw or if you’re using it while tilting it then you might see gas leaking from the tank, in order to stop the gas leaking just use a plastic wrap. Place it over the opening and then screw the tank cap back on.

9. Protect your hearing

Chain saws are loud, like really loud. They can easily damage your hearing if you use them for a long period of time without protecting your ears. It’s smart to use both ear plugs and ear muffs to block out the noise of chain saws. If you use chain saws without protecting your ear then you are doing permanent damage to them every time you use it.

10. Teeth of Equal Length

A chain saw that doesn’t cut is a chain saw that has failed to do the only thing for which it was created. Unequal teeth can really affect performance. Use an adjustable wrench to see if the teeth are indeed equal if not then fix them to get maximum performance.

11. Sharpening Chain Saw

When you’re sharpening your chain saw it is very easy to forget which blade you’ve just sharpened. To get rid of the confusion you can use a permanent marker to mark the blade that you’ve just sharpened. This way you can easily move on to the next and you’ll know how many blades you’ve got left to sharpen.

12. Starting a Chain Saw

Starting a chain saw may seem easy but many people have gotten injuries while performing this simple task. Before starting a chain saw make sure to firmly grip the chain saw from the front handle and put on foot down on the rear handle this will keep the saw on the ground while you pull on the starting handle to start it up.

13. Don’t cut using the front

Many beginners use the front of the guide bar to cut a log. This is wrong and may cause the chain saw to kickback which may result in a serious injury. Stand on the side while holding the chain saw so if and when a kickback does occur the blade won’t pull back straight to your face. Use the middle of the guide bar to cut through the log. Using the middle of the guide bar is the safest way to use a chain saw.

14. Use Stabilizer for Gas

A gas chain saw that runs on gasoline will sometimes stop working and will fail to start. This happens when gasoline break downs and jams the engine with varnish and other stuff. To solve this problem you need to make sure that you use a stabilizer when you use gasoline for the chain saw. This will make it run smooth and prevent any breakdowns.

15. Maintaining your chain saw

A maintained chain saw will last longer and will work with full power. Tighten the chain tension if the chain is loose. Inspect the guide bar regularly and clean it, check the air filters and clean them as well. If you get stuck with something, consult the manufacturer’s manual to help you solve it.