5 New Thoughts about Lawn Mowers That Will Turn Your World Upside Down

//5 New Thoughts about Lawn Mowers That Will Turn Your World Upside Down

5 New Thoughts about Lawn Mowers That Will Turn Your World Upside Down


At first, mowers were designed to eat up the precious time of ours for difficult work of the maintenance of lawn. But now with the evolution of the latest technology in the mower industry, our world has turned upside down. The smart mower technology sector has expanded over the recent years, and there are certain new additions in the world of the mower which gives us a hand free approach. We have discussed the new five thoughts and features which have turned our world upside down below. Take a look.

  1.    Handle Lever

Years back, push mowers did not use to have handle levers, but now previous mower models are modified to add handle levers. The lever is located on the handle of the mower. For the mower to keep moving, the lever is get designed so that it would be held down. For example, in one of the best commercial walk behind mowers, handle levers are one of its key features. Handle levers are one of the safety measures in modern mower technology so that if any small child or pet came in front of you, the lever would make a huge difference in preventing a severe tragedy.

  1.    Blade-Brake Clutch System

If you want to turn off the blades of mower for a brief time without killing the engine of your mower, there comes this great feature known as a blade-brake clutch system. This feature is mostly found in lawn mower self-propelled. The blade-brake clutch system in self- propelled lawn mower not only saves you from restarting the engine but also it will be a great safety feature. For example, if you want to talk to someone on the phone while you are mowing your lawn, then the blade-brake clutch system will keep running without putting you and the people around you at risk. Also, if you have kids who often leave their toys in the lawn, a blade-brake clutch system will disengage the blade from operating without shutting the engine down. Consider buying a cheap self-propelled lawn mower for your safety, your mower’s engine, and the safety of people around you.

  1.    Back Flap

While mowing lawns, there are so many times when we run over individual objects. However, if your mower is get equipped with a back flap, there are chances that it stayed under your mower rather than flying out at the back of the mower. Therefore, if you are using an electric start push mower, never use it until it has a rear rubber flap. Otherwise, you are putting yourself at a significant risk of fly something out at you because even a small object that got shot out of the mower can cause serious physical harm. A rubber flap will also keep your feet protected from debris. There was a time when this feature was not available in mowers and hence certain serious accidents used to occur, but with the addition of this technological feature in the mower industry, seems like everyone is safe around.

  1.    Throw Guard

Just as like the back flap is essential to ensure the objects do not get fly out of the mower’ rear to hurt the person who is mowing, so as the throwback but in a slightly different way. The throw guard is get located on the side of your mower. It keeps the objects from flying out of the side that can do any damage to your property, pets, or people around. It has been observed that certain people remove this feature from their mower which later results in damaging their property. That is why expert always advised to leave it in its place for safety measures. Or otherwise, you would probably find yourself having a broken bone or broken window from a small object that comes from the mower and shot out towards you like a missile.

  1.    Height Control for cutting

You may want to keep one area of your lawn clipped enough to play tennis with your family while the other half area to run your toes smoothly on the grass. The new feature in the mower technology includes height control for cutting the grass. It means you can customize the clipping length. The previous mowers lack this feature, and hence you only get a lawn with the same look. But now each new mower comes with height controlling feature which gives you the ability to manage and customize the length of clipping according to your need and desire.

  1.    Reverse Awareness System

For many of the modern riding lawn mowers, there is some equipment that has feature often similar to the automobiles. In some of the recent years, the reverse awareness system has taken place among the innovative and the safety features list.  Much like vehicles and other massive trucks, this feature loudly beeps when you put the mower in reverse. This feature aware others that mower is somewhere moving towards them. Over the years, this feature has credited in saving countless lives. This feature is now gett installed in almost all of the new lawn mowers. In the past, the lack of this feature in the mower industry has taken away so many precious lives, but with the introduction of the reverse awareness system, all are safe.


The evolution of technology in the mowing industry has cast a big difference in our lives. The features that we have discussed above do not only save our laborious time, but it has also made us confident enough to use the modern world technology with safety measures. People who get injured due to old ways of mowing their lawns know how a split second can make things seriously wrong. That is why it is essential that you know what type of mower you are using and what kind of safety and innovative features it comes with so that it would not only save time, but it will also keep you and your loved ones in safety zone.