7 Advices That You Must Listen Before Studying Chain Saw

//7 Advices That You Must Listen Before Studying Chain Saw

7 Advices That You Must Listen Before Studying Chain Saw


A chain saw is a machine that makes it easier to cut through trees and other stuff with its sets of teeth; the very sharp metal blades, which are attached to the chain, which rotates when the chain saw is started, attached to the guide bar. They are used for tree cutting, log cutting and for the harvesting of the firewood.

Chain saws were first introduced to the world by orthopedist Bernhard Heine from Germany. The instrument had links of small cutting teeth attached to a chain. A sprocket wheel was attached to the instrument and its handle was turned manually to allow the chain to move around. This chain saw was very different than the ones that we know today.

Chain saws are used for many different tasks and are also being used to make art. Chain saws with specially designed bar and chain combinations are specifically developed to be used in chain saw art and chain saw mills.

A chain saw is a dangerous piece of hardware and must be handled with complete care and safety. Before using a chain saw it is compulsory that you read its manual and wear protective gear. Gloves and eye protection are a must and ear plugs are also recommended if you plan on using the chain saw for a long time.

There are three main types of chain saws – Electric chain saw, handheld file and Bar Mounted Chain Saw.

However, if you are planning on buying a chain saw for your own personal use then you need to know a thing or two about chain saws. Every chain saw has a different quality bout it which makes it unique. Chain saw prices are different, depending on their type and power.

Before you go to buy a chain saw or before you study a chain saw you need to know about the several different parts of a chain saw and what you should look for before buying one.

A chain saw consists of several parts such as drive mechanism, engine, guide bar; oil holes, gauge, guide slot, grease holes at bar nose, and bar types – laminated bars, safety bars and solid bars, cutting chain, tensioning mechanism and safety features.

It is important that you know and learn something about all these parts before you buy a chain saw. Purchasing a chain saw may seem like a difficult task for a beginner professional or for a typical homeowner but if you know what to keep in mind before you buy one can really help you in choosing the right one.


1.Guide Bar

A guide bar is an elongated bar which is measured from its tip to the point where it comes out of the saw. The length of a guide bar is typically 16 to 36 inches (40 to 90 cm). The size of a guide bar matters a lot because it represents the cutting area. A 16 inched guide bar of a chain saw can cut twice its size but the end results depend on how powerful the engine is.

Having a larger guide bar than a normal one can be troublesome for a typical homeowner. The larger the length of the guide bar the more difficult it is to control the chain saw. A guide bar has some elements that are essential for a chain saw to operate correctly; gauge, oil holes, grease holes at bar nose and guide slot.

  1. Engine Type

The power of a chain saw depends heavily on its engine. The type of engine that a chain saw has affects how easily the machine can be controlled and how easily the chain saw can cut through wood and other materials. There are three types of engines:

Battery Powered Chain Saws are the weakest and the smallest out of all the other chain saws. They run on battery power. The most common and the best battery is lithium-ion (Li-ion), but there are some that run on nickel-cadmium (NiCad). NiCad powered chain saws are cheaper and weaker. They take longer to charge but perform well at small tasks. Li-ion powered chain saws charge faster, are lighter and they last longer. They also perform well on bigger tasks.

Electric Chain Saws are more powerful than the battery powered chain saw. An electrical chain saw can do more than what a battery powered chain saw can do. The higher the amps the more powerful and effective the chain saw will be.

Gas Chain Saws are the most powerful out all the others. They require much more muscle strength from you to control them. Their power depends on the size of their engine. The bigger the engine, the more powerful and more weight the chain saw will have.

  1. Engine Size

For fuel controlled saws, motor size is estimated in cubic centimetres. Simply the higher the CC the more power is created yet the exchange off is more noteworthy weight. Motors can run in size from 23cc up to 120cc, nonetheless, most mortgage holders will approve of anything somewhere in the range of 30cc and 45cc. To give you a thought a 30cc motor will produce 1.7 brake strength (bhp) and a 45cc motor about 3 bhp.

Electric cutting apparatus engine control is estimated in Amps. As a rule, they have engines extending from somewhere in the range of 8 and 15 Amps. Likewise with gas controlled saws, the higher the number, the more noteworthy the power. An 8 amp engine will create around 1.3 bhp and a 15 amp engine around 2.4 bhp.

Most battery fuelled saws presently use Lithium-particle battery-powered batteries. These batteries will last between a few years regardless of whether they are not being utilized and they incline toward incomplete rather than profound release. This implies it is smarter to revive your battery regularly and not to bring it right down to zero

  1. Safety Features

Chain saws are being made safer for the public to use. Make sure that you know how to handle your chain saw well otherwise you might in to an accident. Chain saws are powerful and if you use one for a longer period of time then you might find it difficult to handle it.

  1. Reliability and Quality

Choosing a chain saw that would suit best according to your needs is not an easy job. It’s a onetime investment so making sure that you get the best should be the top priority. There are a lot of famous brand names out there who produce really good chain saws but they can be a bit expensive. However, there are companies that produce good and reliable chain saws that come at an affordable price. So make sure that you choose the right one that will last longer.

  1. Warranty

The more money a product costs the more important the warranty of that product becomes for both the buyer and the seller. You won’t like it when you spend your money on a chain saw and then witness the horror of it breaking down after a few weeks.

  1. Price

Most brands demand a lot of money for their high quality product but that does not mean that you go around spending money on products that you can buy at a lower price. Even though expensive products do come with more quality that does not mean that the same thing can’t be found at a lower price. Buying a chain saw is a onetime investment; you don’t want to buy a chain saw after a couple of months. So be sure to buy one that suits you’re the best.