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Since its establishment in 2008, Chinamowers has become one of the leading manufacturers of garden machinery equipment in China. At present, the company exports hundreds of thousands of lawn mowers to Europe and the United States each year. And after many years technology accumulate, Chinamowers independently research and develop mower engines, and sells the original engine to all of the world, replaced the imported engine that has always dominated.

Chinamower Co., Ltd. specially develops garden machinery and equipment such as lawn mower according to customer’s usage habit. It come with strong and durable characteristics, and its related parts are reinforced and designed, which can achieve the long use life.

Our slogan:  To produce high-quality products to improve people’s lives.

the quality policy: Satisfy customer’s demand,  produce high quality product, pursue continuously innovation, develop popular brand product.

righteousness and humanity “is the spirit slogan of the company. Chinamowers will continue to pursue excellence, research and develop high quality products favored by the vast number of foreign users, to meet the needs foreign garden machinery, the majority of farmers users recognized.

After more than ten years of development, the company has 150 employees, owning 15 technical developers, covering an area of 4000 square meter.  Since company establishment, Chinamowers has been committed to manufacturing of stamping parts, all model are designed and manufactured by the R & D department, and now the main products are garden machinery accessories. With perfect customer service, excellent technical advantages, we establish business relation with foreign company in more than 30 countries around the world.

The avenue growth as brand promotion and channel expansion, with chinamowers revenues growing 62.4 percent, 117.6 percent and 31.5 percent in 2017 and 2018, respectively.

The invisible brand value that come with high returns,   chinamowers gain favor of many investment institutions, and the finance support contributed to rapid company development . In June 2018, the company raised 59,8 million RMB in financing support.