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Walk behind lawn mower

Walk behind lawn mower is mainly used in garden decoration , grass lawn pruning, urban street green, pastoral pruning, field weeding, forestry.

It can apply to plains, hills, terraces, triangles and other large and small fields . it is used to harvest wheat, rice, beans and other crops. Simple operation and high work efficiency.

Hand push lawn mower

Hand push lawn mower apply in ,garden, parks, grasslands, football fields, private villa gardens, green belts, school yard , golf courses, home gardens, orchard, etc.

Advantages: 1. Mowing the grass is clean neat, and adjusting the height. 2. Don’t bend over when you work, it can use both men and women. 3. Replacing the different blade and a safety shield, it can harvest pasture grass , branch trimming .

Hedge trimmer

It is suitable for hedges in parks, gardens and roadside. The hedge trimmer can be classified into manual manpower simple trimmer, a hand-held small gasoline trimmer, a hand-held electric trimmer, and a large vehicle trimmer .

Chain saw

Its mainly used for cutting and trimming the brand and tree . Its working principle is shearing tree by the L-shaped blades. Chain saws are generally classified into motorized chain saws, non-motorized chain saws.