Use power of God, Chinamower working philosophy

//Use power of God, Chinamower working philosophy

Use power of God, Chinamower working philosophy


Nowadays , many young people was unsatisfied with their job and exchange job frequently due to they feel tired to working and they think often work overtime.

They feel pressure to meet lots of hard and complex work, maybe after three month and half year , these young will quit the job. That’s very terrible job. They feel unhappy to his job. They have to finish lots complex job and  But a seventy years old man working 14 hours every days and face pressure that company closely close down. After several year hard working, he lead the company top 500 in world. On his management, he lead two company on top 500 in the world. Now The old man feel very happy and full energy every day. Why do seventy years old man feel happy and full energy than young man ?

If you want to know the reason and old man. Follow below contents.

Because the old man can use power of God, the old man believe working can improve happy and enjoy your work. His work attitude is positive, which is different with many young people. Many young people think working is only earn money and salary. You earn the money and your children, your parents can buy food. Your children can go to a good school and your old parent have a abroad visit. So you bear a family and you have to work. But actually you don’t like work and you think it is very difficult and feel big pressure, you have many work that didn’t finish. Actually the job you did not so good. After several year, You work and still earn same salary. That is bad cycle. But the old man think that work is a funny game, the old man think the job that you work is mission in game . If you finish the job, you finish the mission and feel happy . You feel more interested to finish next the job. So the old can working 14 hours every day, he feel very happy to his job. How does the old man can take the job as game? Please check the tip that the old man suggest.

Firstly, learn to date with job

Do you remember the feeling that you chase your girl friends?   Maybe you should search many information about her, what kinds of food the girl like and when is girl birthday. Where does the girl appear often. You will inquiry that her friend all hobbies. You can think how to make surprise for the girl. OK, I teach some skill that how chase girl. Why do you like do the work? Because you can date with your girl and you feel happy with beautiful girl. You feel romantic every moments with the girl.

It is same way you working, you do your work every day and meet your wife or girl. We suggest that you change attitude to your work. You will feel happy to do your work.

Secondly, one hundred percent concentrate on your work

When the old man was young, he meet a industrial problem. He learn lots of knowledge about the industry and try thousands times, but he still can’t solve the problem. And then he take bed and wash supplies to the laboratory. At that time, he work all day in laboratory. One day, he break one cup of drink and some inspiration was glimmered. And after try, he found the way to solve the problem. The old man contribute the success to power of God and The God told him method.  After resolve  the problem, he didn’t feel tired but feel happy than ever. Some young people was annoy the overwork. When you meet the problem, Are you one hundred percent try your best?  The old man suggest that young should one hundred percent concentrate on their job. You should quit the idea that date with girl after work. After many neurology research,  when the brain was on concentrate, all the function of brain will concentrate on detail problem. If you can one hundred percent concentrate and solve the problem, you will found the most happiest experience and then earn more money.

Thirdly, you should learn the craftsman spirit

The old man request the staff learn etiquette. You should say hello when you entrance the office. You say a enthusiasm hello, which leave a good first impression to other people.  Your colleague will feel happy by your emotion and the customer will believe your professional. So a enthusiasm hello can bring good mood all the day.

Finish complete introduce self-introduction

You should introduce what’s your name ,where are you from. What is your dream and vision. When you introduce your vision , you will review your motivation.

less use phone , write diary

If you can’t express emotion by traditional mail, you will also put emotion into your work. Even nowadays, the instant software is very popular in society. But we suggest you often take your pen to write your work summary and diary. You heart will calm down, then you will be easy to concentrate your job.

Cooking together

Nowadays, society develop very quickly, no body can finish all the job. Every body has special skill. So team work is very import. Cooking together is very good way to improve your communicate skill. Some people should buy food , the girl should wash the food , one person should organize all the people and distribute the work. All the people should know how to communicate with other people.

OK , I told your how to get happy in your work and how earn money. If you can follow above tip, you will not only get happy and money, you will also deserve very big moral power from your heart. The seventy old man is the best example. His name is Kazuo Takeo, he lead KYOCERA and KDDI in world top 500. On his seventy years and suffer cancer of stomach, the esteemed Kazuo Takeo manage KDDI. And now Kazuo Takeo still alive and he is eighty-seven years old this year.  That is impossible for most people. This is power from working and the power of God make Kazuo Takeo overcome many problem.