Choosing the suitable lawn mower

//Choosing the suitable lawn mower

Choosing the suitable lawn mower


Choosing the suitable lawn mower

Which lawn mower is the most suitable one for you?

Large or small?
Choose the right lawn mower will be according to  your lawn size .
Small , easy to handle lawnmower models are suitable for small to medium-sized lawns no more than 500m2.
Self-propelled mowers with additional features and larger cutting mower are suitable for larger lawns of up to 2,500m2.
Any larger and you may want to consider a lawn tractor or garden rider.

Electric or oil ?
Another choice is the whether you want a petrol or electric powered lawn mower. If your lawn is no larger than 500m2 and where is few obstacles for a cable, then you could choose an electric model. It also mows quietly and without discharge emissions. Electric lawnmowers are therefore popular in towns and cities where noise pollution from a loud lawnmower might be absence .
Please note that if you choose petrol and if you have a steep hill that takes amount of time to cut, you should purchase a mower with an overhead cam or overhead valve engine due to this allows oil to be pumped through the engine at all times.

Grass Collection or mulching?

Mulching mower and re-cuts grass clippings into very fine particles then, using positive air pressure created beneath the cutter deck, pushes the particles right down into the standing grass to wilt and decompose thereby feeding the soil.

With many lawn mowers you have the option of collecting the grass or mulching the grass or both!  Dedicated mulching mowers offer a dedicated mulching solution.  These lawnmowers mulch the clippings instead of collecting and will get the job done around 30% quicker than a conventional mower.
Some lawnmowers offer complete versatility and offer collection, side discharge and mulching. These “3-in-1” lawnmowers have become extremely popular over the past few years because you can choose to collect the basket, prune and discharge or to recycle the clippings depending on your needs or desires.  They give you a lot of flexibility, especially for leaf clean-up. Mulch up the leaves when they are nice and dry, put the bag on and suck them up! Your lawn will look like a freshly vacuumed carpet when you are finished.

If you are still uncertain about choosing a new lawn mower, then you can always contact us on and get some expert advice. Our team recommend right product according to your budget . We will offer some good advise .