Some problems with gasoline chainsaws and the use of oil products for logging chainsaws

//Some problems with gasoline chainsaws and the use of oil products for logging chainsaws

Some problems with gasoline chainsaws and the use of oil products for logging chainsaws


A portable saw powered by a gasoline engine is mainly used for cutting wood and making lumber. The working principle of the saw is that the cutting action is carried out by the transverse motion of the l-shaped blades interlaced on the chain.

Points to note for gasoline chain saw

1.Always check the tension of the chain of the gasoline chain saw. When testing and adjusting, please turn off the engine and put on protective gloves. Tension appropriate situation is when the chain hanging in the lower guide plate, the hand can pull the chain.

2. There must always be a little spill on the chain. Always check the chain lubrication and the oil level of the oil tank before working. Chain without lube absolutely cannot work, such as working with a dry chain, will lead to cutting device damage.

3. Never use used motor oil. The used oil can not meet the lubrication requirement and is not suitable for chain lubrication.

4. If the oil level in the tank of the gasoline chain saw is not lowered, the lubrication transmission may be out of order. Should check the chain lubrication, check the oil line. This can also lead to a reduced supply of lubricant through the contaminated strainer. Clean or replace the lubricating oil strainer in the tank and pump connection pipe.

5. The chain takes 2 to 3 minutes to break in after the new chain does place. Check chain tension after running-in and readjust if necessary. New Chains need to do tightened more often than those that have been in use for some time. The chain must be attached to the lower part of the guide plate in the cold condition, but the chain can be moved on the upper guide plate by hand. Tighten the chain if necessary. When the working temperature is reached, the chain expands slightly and droops. The driving section at the lower part of the guide plate cannot be released from the chain slot. Otherwise, the chain will change jobs and needs to be re-tensioned.

6. The chain must be relaxed after work. The chain will shrink as it cools, and a loose chain will damage the crankshaft and bearings. If the chain is tensioned in working condition, it will contract when it is cooled. Too tight the chain will damage the crankshaft and bearings

The cutting chain saw is a portable saw powered by the gasoline engine, which is mainly used for cutting wood and making timber.

Use of oil products for logging and chainsaws

WOOD SAWS use gasoline, engine oil, and chainsaw chain oil:

7. Gasoline can only be used with unleaded gasoline over 90. When adding gasoline, the fuel tank cover and the fuel mouth around must be cleaned before refueling, to avoid debris into the fuel tank. The high branch saw should be placed in a flat place with the fuel tank cover facing up. Don’t spill the petrol while filling up the tank. Don’t fill it too full. Be sure to tighten the cap as tightly as you can with your hands after filling.

8. Use only high-quality two-stroke engine oil to ensure a long engine life, never use Ordinary four-stroke engine. When using other two-stroke engine oils, they should be of TC grade quality. Poor quality gasoline or oil can damage the engine, seals, fuel lines, and fuel tanks.

9. Gasoline and oil mix, mix ratio: 1∶50 for Takaeda saw engine two-stroke engine oil, that is 1 part oil plus 50 Parts Gasoline; 1∶25 for other engine oil meeting TC grade That’s 1 part oil and 25 parts gasoline. The mixing method is in a fuel tank allowed to fill first with oil, then filled with gasoline, mixed evenly can be. Gasoline engine oil mixture will age, the general configuration does not exceed a month of use. especially attention should be paid to avoid direct contact between gasoline and skin, avoid breathing volatile gas from gasoline

10. Use high-quality oil of chain saw, keep the oil level is not lower than oil, to reduce chain and saw teeth wear. As the chain saw lubricating oil would be completely discharged into the environment, ordinary lubricating oil is oil-based, non-biodegradable, and will pollute the environment; it is recommended to use the environmentally friendly chain saw oil that can be limited as far as possible Many developed countries have rigid laws and regulations to avoid environmental pollution