How to maintain the important parts of the Lawn Mower?

//How to maintain the important parts of the Lawn Mower?

How to maintain the important parts of the Lawn Mower?


Today we can use the more advanced lawn mower, then we not only know how to use it but also know some of its daily maintenance! Now let’s talk about lawn mower maintenance tasks after using it. After the use of one-sided cleaning and support, and reflect on all the screws can be tightened, oil surface can meet the rules, air filter function can be useful, whether there is a defect in the blade. Also, depending on the life of the Lawn Mower, increase self-examination or replacement of vulnerable parts, and stop periodic maintenance

There are three critical points about lawn mower maintenance:

First: maintenance of engine oil

Before using the MOWER, check the oil level to see if it is between the upper and lower levels of the oil scale. The oil of the new mower should be changed after 5 hours of operation and again after 10 hours of operation, currently by the requirements of the specification for a change in oil. The oil change should stop when the engine is in the heat engine. Filling oil cannot be too much, or it will appear: Black Smoke, lack of power, engine overheating, and so on. Oil Can not be too little. Otherwise, it will appear: the Engine Gear Music Loud, Piston ring, cylinder deceleration wear and damage, and even show Laval and other scenes, resulting in serious damage to the engine

Second: maintenance of air filter

Before and after each use should reflect on whether the air filter can be dirty, should wash frequently. If too dirty will cause the engine difficult to start, black smoke, lack of power. If the filter element is made of paper, the filter element can be removed and the dust attached to it can be dusted off. If the filter element is made of sponge, the filter element can be cleaned with gasoline and then properly dripped with smooth oil to keep the FILTER ELEMENT MOIST More conducive to dust adsorption.

Third: radiator maintenance

The secondary functions of the radiator are noise elimination and heat dissipation. When the MOWER is working, the flying grass clippings will be attached to the radiator, which will affect its heat dissipation function. If it is serious, it will form a scene of cylinder pulling and damage the engine. Therefore, after every use of the MOWER, the Sundries on the radiator should be carefully cleaned.