How to trim a beautiful hedge

//How to trim a beautiful hedge

How to trim a beautiful hedge


How to trim a beautiful hedge ?

Hedge not only provide a partition green board, but a beautiful landscape. We are aim to provide beautiful and neat hedge. Here are some tips for trim a beautiful hedge.

regular trimming

As the hedge growing , its crown became big and moody,which result in ugly and unhealthy shape. It became the shape we don’t want. If you want to a beautiful scape hedge , you should trim the hedge when it was very young, and you should regular trim the hedge to protect hedge became moody. Often trimming the hedge, it will became healthy and beautiful shape.

Choose a suitable trimmer

Nowadays , many kinds of trimmer is popular in the market, such as gas stroke trimmer , electronic trimmer ,one blade trimmer, double blade,ect. For personal garden , I recommend li-on battery trimmer,specially for our Chinamower li-on battery trimmer . This product is specialized design for private garden. It is very light-weight , it is only 4.8 kg, but its operate time is very long , it can run 6 hours . The blade is also very sharp, it use white steel, which is very easy to trimming the hedge , you can watch our video.  the recycle times is up to 200 times that is same with your smart phone battery. Please watch our video.

Step of trimming

Trimming the hedge is from the bottom to top follow the grow direction. The bottom of hedge should be wide than top of hedge due to sunshine cast the bottom of hedge. You will found that very smooth for cutting the hedge follow these step.

Clean the cut hedge

You will found lots of clipped hedge after trimming the hedge. You will spend of lots time to deal these heavy work. Here are some tip to deal the problem. You can lay some paper  around the hedge that will fellen on the paper when you cut the hedge the clipped. After finish trimming , you can directly catch these clipped hedge to throw Garbage can.