Lawn mower buying tip

// Lawn mower buying tip

 Lawn mower buying tip


New year is begin and After about one month, you will start mow your lawn to embrace spring. If you plan to purchase a new lawn mower or  are looking for the machine in your local, it is time to start to research which machine are suitable for your garden. There are many factors that influence your purchase.

There are many difference you should be used after you move your new house. you rent the apartment for several year and finally you move to your dream house. It is no doubt that having excellent feel with extra room, your children own their bedroom. When you walk along the corridor, you have to bear the yell from your neighbor and different taste.

There are another big change that you should care your lawn.

The first mission you should decorate your house, but sooner or later you will need purchase the lawn mower.

Buying lawn mower is different with purchasing car. Though, you may think that these two things are moving car. Actually, purchasing lawn should be considered different thing. For example, you should consider lawn.

Evaluate your lawn

When you go to purchase lawn, you should confirm some knowledge about lawn. The thing you should consider:

What size of your lawn? This answer for the question is identify what kinds of the lawn mower you need. If you know how many acre you should process, that will be helpful. Firstly you should measure the width and length of your lawn, and then accurate the size of square foot.   One acre is 43’460 foot.  Multiply the length times the width in feet and divide by 43,560 , which determine how many acres you possessed. Normally, we consider that middle and small garden under half acre, above half acre is big garden.

What  topography of your garden? Is it flat? Is it tilt? If your garden is tilt, you will need Self-propelled lawn mower. Since the self-propelled lawn mower can automatic creep lean lope. The ride on lawn mower isn’t suit for the drill due to it will has risk for turn over the lawn mower. If you lawn mower is flat, the self-propelled lawn mower or ride lawn mower is both ideal machine.

What kinds of lawn? If your lawn don’t have to maintain often or not have too more weed, the roller lawn mower is more suitable for cutting the grass. Though, if your lawn grow many weeds tall lawn, you will need big size machine.

Research types lawn mower

Six different types lawn mower:

  1. Hand-push roller lawn mower.  Hand-push roller lawn mower will not discharge any pollution due to it didn’t have engine. It almost produce little voice. You don’t have to spend too much time to maintenancethe machine. And the cost is cheaper than electronic machine. If you prefer this powerless machine, remember that you have to use lots of muscle energy to push the machine, which is that you need to cut more than 1 inch grass. In addition, you can’t prune the tree and other thing.
  2. Wire electronic lawn mower. This machine can provide power, and the power won’t pollute the environment since it motor. It’s main features is easy start, convenient maintenance, quite. Many types electronic lawn mower provide grass collect basket and side discharge. When you process your task and be conscious of risk of electronic shock, be consciousof cutting the machine cord during you use the electronic lawn mower. It can’t cut the tall lawn well.  It can cut narrow strip lawn, so you cut the tall lawn, you will spend more time to cut the lawn.
  3. Electronic battery mower  The battery mower equip with battery, so you didn’t worry electronic cord and outdoor power plug. The machine is easy to start and emit no pollution. And is quickly to start, but it should recharge periodically and the charge time will last one day. In addition, the battery is very heavy and it increase the weight of machine and hard to push.
  4. Gas line lawn mower. This type machine is high efficient, strong function, durableand reliable. Some machine equip with electronic starter and some lawn mower use traditional cord starter. Though, it is noise and many expertise suggest that wear earmuffs. This machine can cut tall grass. It equip with grass collect basket.

Some machine equip with wash out port where you can open the hose to wash cutting chamber. And some machine can take out the blade and clean cutting chamber and blade, then resume the machine. Another question you should care is  maintenance. You will spend more time to maintenance the machine, including grinding blade, exchange lubricant oil, clean air filter and exchange spark plug.

  1. Self-propelled lawn mower. This machine will be very convenientand high efficiency, which can use less energy to cutting the lawn. It come with motor to push the machine, in other words, you only walk behind and control the direction to follow the mower. Since the machine is cordless, the movement is total unrestricted. Normally it can apply for middle or large lawn. With high efficiency and powerful energy, its good idea for trimming thicker grass compared to other type machine. And it also can use for hill lawn, which can control the forward speed to follow your step.
  2. Ride lawn mower. Ride lawn mower is machine that come with deck. It can self automatic move forward. Most of ride lawn mower candetach the seat. Its width of blade is wider than other types machine. So it can use for middle and big size lawn. But its maintenance is complex, you will often check the automatic forward machine, cleaning cutting chamber after trimming. The cost of ride lawn mower is higher than other kinds of lawn mower. If your garden is not so big, we suggest that purchase other type mower due to it occupy big space and the cost is a little high. Compared to small machine, the small mower is convenient to adjust direction frequently on small space.

Purchase lawn mower

Do some research is good idea before found the mower you want and identify the cost. You can search on Google, look into the lawn mower manufacturer and the history. At last, Let’s conclude some tips. First you should identify your size of lawn, How often you trim the grass. How tall and thick is the grass. Does your lawn has electronic power.

And your budget for the machine.