//Li-ion battery hedge trimmer buyer’s Guide and trimming tips

Li-ion battery hedge trimmer buyer’s Guide and trimming tips


Li-ion battery hedge trimmer buyer’s Guide and trimming tips

Nowadays, Li-ion battery garden tool is very popular in market. It is wireless and lightweight, which is best choice for family garden. You will not worry about the gas oil price and bad weather. But many kinds of li-ion battery is in market. How will you choose a good li-on battery hedge trimmer. Please look below advantage of li-ion garden tool and buyer tips.

1.It is best choice for choose li-on battery if you like quite environment in weekend morning. For these person who prefer to easy start the machine and clean environment.

2.Trimming width

The width of trimmer is depends on the hedge trimmer. We recommend that the blade width is a little bigger than your width of the hedge. It will bring your smooth scan on surface of hedge and not miss any space. Your hedge will beautiful and neat. The big trimmer will bring you high efficiency, but the big blade is very heavy. You can choose light machine to reduce your heavy garden work. If you have lots of garden work, sharp blade and plentiful will make smooth trimming.

3.Choose li-ion battery trimmer

Nowadays , some machine use nickel-cadmium battery that has much recycle time. But we suggest you purchase li-on battery trimmer due to the space is smaller and light-weight than nickel-cadmium battery machine.
If you have much garden work, we recommend you can buy several battery for prepared power. The prepared battery support to finish your work.

4.Adjust handle

Rotated handle will much easier to trimming by adjust different angle. You can comfortably trim the side of hedge instead of twist your body like pretzel. Believe our idea and you will grate us. And the adjust handle improve precise of trimmer, you will get beautiful scope hedge. For a survey, first third father of family like to DIY his garden, trimmer. A Adjust handle will be good helper for DIY any shape you want.

5.Smart start and stop device

Smart start and stop device reduce fatigue when you use the machine. You don’t have to worry about harm to your body when stop the machine. Smart devise is essential for own pet or children in your family.

6.How often will you trim the hedge

How long will you plan to trim your hedge? If your garden or factory occasionally use the machine, the cord and lower price machine is a good idea. For frequently trimming , we suggest you purchase a powerful and cordless machine to save your time and energy.

7.Gasline machine or li-ion battery

Gasline trimmer is a good idea for thick branch of trimmer, specially for the tall and thick branch. Gasline has unique advantage compare to li-ion batter
trimmer and electronic trimmer. Compared to li-on battery trimmer and electronic trimmer, you don’t worry about the length of wire and power use up. You just carry a pot of gas oil, you can go any where you want to trim. You can trim a large scale hedge with high efficiency. But you have to face heavy weight and annoy voice and sometime it is difficult to start the machine. You should mix the gas oil and stroke gas oil according ratio that the manufacturer recommend. Normally you should mix the gas oil and stroke gas oil in special tank. That is a not clean and complext job. Facing black and choke discharge , you start to trim the hedge. Another question you have to face is voice , you have check the limitation of homeowners’ association issued.
Gasline trimmer is golden tool for garden worker. With battery technology development, the li-ion battery trimmer is same performance with gasline trimmer. Some features are better than gasline trimmer, such as light-weight, voice, clean environment. And li-on battery can provide stable power output until power off. And brushless motor is low fault. If you prefer gasline , you must follow tip that manufacturer recommend oil fuel. The maintenance is much hard than li-ion battery trimmer.

8.Electronic trimmer VS li-ion battery trimmer

Advantage: Cost is cheap than cordless and gasline trimmer, light-weight
Disadvantage: need electronic power, easy to interrupt power. It has dangerous for electronic shock.
If you prefer electronic trimmer , you should consider the distance of garden and power supply and whether need to prepare backup wire. You should avoid the electronic shock by cut off wire when using the trimmer. So we suggest you carry the wire on back and the blade away for wire. If you meet rain or bad weather, the thing you should do is stay in your warm house. The most thing you should consider is electronic shock. If your garden is not big enough and have electronic power supply, you trim the hedge occasionally, the electronic trimmer is one of your choice.

9.Long distance hedge

If you have tall hedge, the best way to trimming is start on bottom. Trimming tall hedge, you should prepare a retractable trimmer that the blade is on end of trimmer. The blade can be lean for trimming the side of top hedge.
Some trimming tip

Whatever you choose any trimmer, some trimming tip and skill is important for trimming. You should trim the hedge three to four time for one year to meet beautiful and neat shape. Start trimming the hedge across bottom to top of hedge and slow moving the trimmer. And do not trim the deep of hedge, you will cut off many branch. The best way you should do is cut small inch to move on. The most important skill is make the broad in bottom of hedge and narrow in top of hedge. This will be good for growth of hedge. When you trimming ,you should follow the direction and same level of trimming. We suggest that from left to right and then right to left. If you prefer a very precise angle, you can strain the cord in two side of the hedge to ensure the height of the hedge. You can follow the cord to prune the surface of hedge, which is easy and cheap method to trim a even and neat hedge. When you complete above steps, you can clear the hedges and step back to see the model. If you are not satisfy the model, you can small adjust the shape.

We suggest that you can trimming the hedge in morning or evening, you can avoid to sunshine broadcast and the hedge also appreciate morning and evening due to tender of hedge don’t like to sunshine broadcast in afternoon sunshine.

You can’t cut the hedge that is bird nest in early spring. That is terrible harm for bird.
At last, when using the trimmer, you should clear all obstacle where is close the hedge. And be attention all soft rubber of the machine and hidden in hedge. Ensure all pets and Children away from the working environment. Be careful for the wire that electronic trimmer.
You should put on the protectable glasses and working gloves. And wear hearing equipment and long shirt and pants to protect your body. Hedge trimmer is easy tool for using. But some potential risk is hidden in using process. It is most important to always put your hand on the handle of machine. If you meet some obstruct branch in your way, prohibit to using your hand to break off the branch.

It is very dangerous for that way.
Be patient for you first trimming, you will feel embarrassed due to not professional trimming and terrible environment. After one hours trimming, you will be comfortable for trimming. Persist on your trimming, you will enjoy your work and experience the fun of trimming. Remember that don’t eager to work, you should ease to work and develop your interested to garden, you should proceed in an orderly way and step by step, at last you will like you’re your job and become an professional gardener.