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The starting business story of Chinamowers brother

                   —–Two special and independent Pig

Two guy from same hometown(Hunan province) chase the dream in Shenzhen . Allen , study hard university in five years. Looking forward to society after graduate , though, Allen was cheated by reality , working hard but not emphasize by boss , exchanging several job . Robbin ,who working several year , was busy for company network everyday , which was not he want . the dream seems betray with him .

On 2008 , is a great year . Allen went to the company that Robbin worked in . Two guy was not satisfy the reality . The company life make them comfortable and kill their dream slowly . An accidental opportunity , two guy recognized on the company party , an same experience of starting business in school make them acquaintance quickly .

After graduation , Jack didn’t go to CBD to work as internal. Jack has a special and unique idea that starting business in school . Jack found that there is big market involve Clothing business in school , where students have many social activity that need unique clothes . Jack start his business , but teacher and my parent was against the idea. They think that you spend four years to study your major ,you should do the job that use your major . Jack seems a special and independent geek in these eyes . At begin , Jack earned some money. With his business get bigger, some clothes company also start clothes business in school. Jack bid a business that need short lead time. Jack believe that his supplier can finish the task, which is easy job for his supplier . Indeed , the supplier didn’t finish the task . Jack At last, Jack compensated all money he earned and owed some money . Facing big pressure , Jack think that his family and teacher is right idea for carrier .And then Jack close off his clothes business . after that ,Jack work as sales representative for stage light lighting .But he always don’t forget his dream that own his company. Robbin also have same experience . He attend parts-time job during school , such as teacher , promotion , sales computer. Which also is unique student in teacher’s eye . Robbin also want to establish his own business after graduation.
The similar experience encourage them chase the dream again.

Yes , they decide to start own company . After market survey , they start to export mower lawn . After a series of market analysis, we decided to involve the mower export business . On the road of starting business , we meet a lot of problems. Due to insufficient funds, we had to apply for a loan from bank to buy company equipment . For the credibility of company, we help customers to make products for first order even loss profit . Many questions are discussed together and encouraged each other .
Finally, Chinamowers was founded . we want to export Chinese lawn mowers to the world . We put the quality in most important place . We control quality from the raw material to final package . We do not only sales lawn mower . We wrote many blogs to guide customers in choosing the right products, how to use lawn mowers, how to maintain lawn mowers, and how to mowing grass in different seasons , ect . We provide customers with one-stop shopping service , our product line involve lawn mower, hedge cutter , chain saw , garden tools,ect . This is our dreams, always bring good quality product to our customers , we want to be professional mower manufacturer .Youth may face a lot of jealousy and suffering, but applaud the efforts and dreams of this two young people.

Right now I recall our starting business story and let me remember an article “A unique and independent pig ” by Chinese famous writer Wang xiaobo . The article is describe that a different pig chase for freedom abandon for comfortable life . Jack and Robbin looking for their own dream , which is very different person in teacher and friend’s eye . Jack and Robbin is same character with the “pig” , are unique and persistence . they just want to do their dream.