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Welcome To China mower – Manufacturer, Supplier and Installer of High Quality mower

Who we are?

Chinamower was foundered in 2008 ,based in Shenzhen, China. We specialized in hand Push Lawn Mower,bagging mower, Li-on battery mower, Sew Chain,hedge trimmer, electronic garden scissors,ect. Our products export global,which is popular in AUstralia, the UK, the USA. In addition to producing high-quality mower, we provide a integrated garden tool solution, which ensure most of garden tool founded from us. If you are a hands-on skill person, our technicians will be happy to provide any assistance and consultation you need.

Corporate Culture


Achieve a win-win cooperation based on integrity and honesty ;

Make every staff excellent and realize their value.


Create continuous profits for our customers;

make Chinamower in first-class enterprise.


Make gardening life more comfortable and convenient by providing humanized and eco-friendly machines.

Work philosophy

Aim to manufacturing practical and durable products;

Offer 24 hours online service

What Can we provide for you ?

Chinamower provide you a durable and practical mower machine, which bring you clean and tidy garden .

Not only the machine, professional guide is important in business. The front and after service is always on your side. Providing lifelong service is our philosophy. We service our customer based on trust.

Why Choose us ?

Firstly, Chinamower have been this line more than ten years, we have much experience to handle your order . Second,our company have professional team to support you,we have sales department, R&D department, PMC department that offer your fast solution. Third,We will instruct you to install and maintenance the machine.

From the moment you contact us, we are willing to help you and answer any questions regarding your requirement. We can provide integrate solution for garden tool.


Team spirit is a collective consciousness , which recognized by all members of the team. Teamwork is the soul of a high-performance team. It is the cornerstone that is the values and dream of all members of the team. It is the inner strength that unites the team and promotes the progress of the team.


Team spirit respects the interests and achievements of each member .The core of teamwork is cooperation , with the goal of maximizing the potential energy of the member.


A good and steady development company is not due to a wise leader, but also a group of concentric member . The elite team is not how strong your personal abilities are ,but see that everyone’s ability contribute in one thing . Everyone is 100% hard work and believe each other , so that is an elite team, ChinaMower is such a team!


In this world, the power of one person is small. Integrating into the team, working hard with the team, you can maximize your personal value and achieve your excellence! Every one not not belong themselves , but It belongs to our small family. belongs to our big family .

This is our Chinamower !