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Walk behind lawn mower is multifunctional garden tool. It can use for lawn mowing,and can for cutting tree branch. Sometimes,it also can apply for hedge trimming. most of chinamowers bagging mower adapt to different blade, such as string blade,round blade,square blade, which can use different situation. We not provide gasline bagging mower, but provide li-on battery bagging lawn mower. Our gasline use good engine that excellent oil saving, and extremely sharp for mowing lawn. It can use for large square lawn mowing, such as school ground,street lawn. And li-on battery is very popular now, its main features light-weight, long time operating. One of our bagging mower is only 4.8kg that is very comfortable compared to using traditional gasline bagging mower. It can run 6 hours.And the recycle time is up to 200 times that is same as your phone battery. Li-on battery bagging mower is best choice for personal garden.