18 -inch 4 stroke hand push lawn mower gasoline grass trimmer

//18 -inch 4 stroke hand push lawn mower gasoline grass trimmer
18 -inch 4 stroke hand push lawn mower gasoline grass trimmer 2019-05-07T08:55:40+00:00

Project Description

Engine type Four-stroke OHV
Engine power 5HP
Displacement 135cc
Drive system Hand-push
Cutting width 460mm (18 intch)
Cutting height 25mm-75mm 8 adjustment
Wheel diameter 7 inch
Deck steel
N.W/G.W 30 KG/37KG
Package 78*57*43cm

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Advantage :

Strong power, high efficiency, quite noise, stable running. Excellent grass collection.  Switch: easy start switch

Gas switch: Simple operate, adjusting gas level

Brake: it can stop in urgent situation

Special warning : Do not fill the fuel too full, Ensure lock the gas cap

Machine maintenance

First , this machine is four stroke machine that fill 93# gas fuel . Don’t run in no gas oil and lubricant oil. The lubricant oil should be on range of suggestion. It will produce lots of smoke and reduce efficiency of machine when fill much lubricant oil.  If the machine often run less lubricant oil , it will be damage the motor and broken the motor.

Second, it should be run 5-10 minutes on low rate when you first use the machine. In order to use the machine properly, you should cold the machine 20 minute after using the machine.

Clean air filter. It should be clean the air filter after using 10 hours, and exchange the air filter using 50 hours. The air filter can’t be wash by clean agent. It should be slightly shake the filter to clean.

Spark plug. The spark plug should be clean after 6 month and exchange spark plug in one year.

We suggest that you should clean the stone in lawn surface , then begin to cut the grass. It should be ensure that no pet in lawn when you mow the lawn. You should wear the protectable suit and glass.