Manual Small Push Reel Lawn Mower Long Grass

//Manual Small Push Reel Lawn Mower Long Grass
Manual Small Push Reel Lawn Mower Long Grass 2019-05-08T08:02:25+00:00

Project Description

Inch:12’, 16’,20’(four wheel)

Cutting width:350mm,400mm,500mm.

Cutting height:15-50mm

Adjustable height position: 4 level

Net weight:6.6KG,8KG,9.4KG

Power : hand push

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The Reel Mower Size,Cushioned Handlebar ,5 Heat-treated Steel Blades and Dual Wheels Below Show:

Remark: This product is the one product that design for hand push as power supply. You just push the machine and the machine will automatic cut the lawn.  You don’t worry about the oil and battery used up. And free for all complex maintenance. You can avoid frequently check spark plug, mixing dirty machine oil and gas oil according accurate scale. And sometimes avoid assemble that can’t start the machine. Maybe your ear can’t stand out the bad motor noise, please choose our powerless roller mower. If you use electronic lawn mower before, you will choose a good weather to mow the lawn due to avoid electronic shock. And worry about the length of electric wire. You can mow the grass any where in your garden. You should not wear frowst grasses and protect suit. You can enjoy mow the lawn by using our powerless roller mower and no emission discharge. We use sharp and strong blade. And smart structure can cut the lawn easily and avoid trouble maintenance.  Most of lawn crumb will be collected by basket.