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Firstly, establishing the standard of quality is the lifeline of the company

It is necessary for all members to realize that the quality of the products result in good market feedback. The bad quality is not accept by the customer. After a long time, the enterprises will fail and the employees will be unemployed. Of course, for our company, the current product market is good, and we hope that it will be better in the future. But we must be prepared for danger and make our product quality better.

Second, establishing a customer-centtic quality awareness

Everything is customer-centric. Seeing yourself as a customer, which mean as a consumer of the product. In this way, the job will be done better in the work process. Everyone will do the work well, and the quality of the product will be guaranteed.

Third, establishing a sense of prevention of quality

“The quality of the product was produced, designed, which not tested .” This is not a slogan, which is a good reflection of prevention quality problems. If our quality didn’t control from the factory source, it will be difficult to control the quality. Even if spending large amount of manpower to control production, it can’t insure that a large number of defective products or even waste products are produced at the time. The cost of the product will be greatly increased, causing heavy burden and loss to the the enterprise. Moreover, the quality problems of some products may not be found up after finished, which requires us to do things in the first place to prevent quality problems.

Four , Establishing a sense of responsibility for quality

Eighty percent of quality problems are due to management, and only 20% of problems are out from employees. That is to say, managers control defects of about 80%, which require management establish high quality standard and know every process.

Fifth,establish a sense of quality development

Quality is not the best, only better. With the development of time, people’s requirements for quality are getting higher. We will keep up with the times to update our product quality. And produce fashion and practical product that the customer liked.