Reasons why lawn mowers are getting more popular in the past decade

//Reasons why lawn mowers are getting more popular in the past decade

Reasons why lawn mowers are getting more popular in the past decade


Lawn mowers are the machines used to trim the grass in the residential and commercial grounds. These machines are designed by two revolving blades to cut the grass with even length. There are many types of lawn mowers that are designed for the suitable purpose. The small blade reel mowers are used for small spaces like short lawns, electric and piston push mowers are best for large residential lawns and there are riding mowers just like the small residential tractors for the huge commercial grounds. Each type of mowers is different in styles, size, functionality, quality and has different measures of reliabilities.

As the trend varies, the demand of the industry changes too. According to the recent studies, it has shown that the lawn mower industry has grown by 2.5% each year from past decade. The market of landscape industry has enlarged as well. Firstly U.S. was the high on the imports of lawn mowing products worldwide. But now china is making progress too. There are large and small scale industries that have worked on manufacturing of these products. While there is the representative growth of the industry, we are in need to discuss the reasons of the popularity of lawn mowers in past decades. Here are few of the factors that can be cause behind the high trend of lawn mowers:

  1. Modification:

With every passing year, there is a huge advancement in the technology and everything is getting better and modified. Same like modification of lawn mowers have seemed s to remarkable through the past decade. Firstly there were reel push mowers and then it advanced to the gas operated mowers with the better functionality. After that it was converted to petrol driven mowers, and then there are cordless, power battery and portable mowers in this era. Moreover we can see the advancement through robotic lawn mower. They are simply matchless with their mind-blowing designs. So past decade has the huge variation of upgrade technology.


  1. Economical:

You have seen that competition in the market is getting high day by day. There are thousands of industries that are producing quality machines and along with that they assure that their products must be pocket friendly. High technology machines are somehow more expensive but you can select the one with your requirement in low cost as well. Like small lawns can be maintained through reel push mowers so you can go for that. Heavy machinery is affordable for commercial purpose for the ones who can invest in those products. In short, where the technology got advanced in ten years it has reciprocal effect on the average cost of the mowers. China the great manufacturer of lawn mowers has broken the trend of high cost marketing of such things. It has lowered the rates to the economical levels in the last ten years. Now are not in need to compromise over quality.

  1. Trend of single family products:

In America and other countries the trend of single families are getting high. The recent study of past few years has shown that there was the increase rate of single houses each year and with that there is the need to increase the productivity rate of the products in market. While people are making their own residence they need to settle with all the necessary needs of life. This factor seems to be responsible of the growth of landscape industry in comparison of last ten years.

  1. Commercial grounds like sports and athletes.

As we can see that the number of sport’s grounds and practice areas are increasing rapidly. Now every coaching academy and school needs the huge grounds for practices of their teams, for that purpose there is the large increment in the grounds that has directly affected the commercial products market. Those grounds are needed to be maintaining with the proper tools to provide the professional look.  Even the need of golf clubs has increased as well. There are number of golf clubs and people enjoy their time in golf yards. This is also the cause considered as the enlargement of lawn mower industry.

  1. Bot lawn mowers:

Robotic lawn mowers are completely out of challenge. They have no comparison. They are the most advanced form of mowers with the sensors detecting the obstacle nearby. They can cut the grass through glass. You need to set the operation according to your desire. Bot lawn mowers are the cordless, portable and most of all they are more environments friendly. They have power battery operation. They are also less noisy and convenient to use because you don’t need to hold their edges to drive them. It all depends on the budget you have to invest in such products.

  1. Trend setter:

In the past decade the trend of making lawns in the entrance of the house increased. Before that mostly houses were built with backyards to grown kitchen garden but now every house has the lawn. moreover there is the trend to have the clear and clean lawn with perfect looking grass and intensive looking garden everything trimmed up-to the mark. Where you can have the finest décor in your houses isn’t it better to have a well-representative lawn in the entrance of your house to make it feel more impressive.

To make your lawn look more professional with the lawn mower you should have to seek the guidance before you mow the lawn next time. Every advancing product in the market increases the challenge for existing tools of the market. But human being has the nature to modify their living standards. In the addition to this I would like to add that every industry try to make the products with low-cost resources and lawn-mower has the vast history of evolution from gas to petrol and from direct power to battery power and in the last it has revolutionized by the bot lawn mowers as well. These above mentioned factors are the cause of popularity of lawn-mowers in the past decade.