safety operation regulations for lawnmowers and hedgerows

//safety operation regulations for lawnmowers and hedgerows

safety operation regulations for lawnmowers and hedgerows


1. Before starting work, Check environmental conditions (topography, nature of grass, a location of obstacles, danger around, etc.) and remove movable obstacles, rocks, iron sheets, etc.

2. Before the start of work, to carefully check the body parts, make sure no screw loose, oil leakage, damage or deformation, and so on, they can work, especially the blade and blade connection parts to carefully check.

3. Work must wear tight clothes, gloves, helmet, dust glasses. Do not wear loose clothing, do not wear loose pants, sandals or work barefoot to prevent accidents.

4. When refueling, please stop the engine first, don’t smoke and keep away from the fire. If refueling spill that you must clean fuel attached to the machine body, they could start the engine.

5. After refueling, tighten the cap of the oil drum and start the engine more than 3 meters from the away oil drum.

6. The engine must be stopped during transport

7. Do not cut metal objects, such as fences and wires, must be careful

8. Avoid cutting too large branches, since will shorten the life of the machine and damage the gearbox.

9. Keep no bystanders, especially near the blade.

10. No debris around the blade while the engine is running.

11. Don’t operate faulty machinery. Machines are not allowed to operate at maximum rpm (11,500 RPM, Max Power 8000 RPM).

12. Do not use and store the machine in a humid environment to prevent water from entering the machine and causing damage.

13. Keep your balance, and keep your hands firmly on the handlebars.

14. Prune the high hedge only when it is safe.

15. Always stop the machine and remove the spark plug cap when checking.

16. Do not touch spark plugs or high-voltage wires with your hands when the engine is running high to avoid electric shock.

17. Because of the noise of the machine, you may not be able to hear anything else. Please pay attention to the possible danger around.

18. Do not store fuel at high temperatures until the machine is cooled.

19. Do not store flammable materials around the silencer when placing the machine.

20. Never touch the muffler or spark plug with your hand immediately after the engine has stopped to avoid high-temperature burns.

21. To prevent fires, don’t add too much fuel, don’t remove silencers and clean up debris.