Seven ingenious ways that you can do with lawn mower

//Seven ingenious ways that you can do with lawn mower

Seven ingenious ways that you can do with lawn mower


It is pleasant feeling to have the perfectly trimmed lawn. It is admitting fact that every one of us needs the tips to maintain the lawn as the professionals who charge quite handsome amount to dress up your lawn. The professional companies assure you that the way their experts can trim your lawn is unique. But a little care is all the assurance you need to trim your lawn in a professional way. A well-manicured lawn needs your little care. Here is the guide to mow your lawn in the ingenious ways like a professional:

  1. Don’t mow your lawn in the same pattern:

This is the expert’sstyle that never mows your lawn in the same pattern because the grass learns the trend and grows in the same direction. You need to mow your lawn while changing patterns so that grass will not grow in irregular stripes.

  1. Select your time:

Best time of the day is the time of mid to late morning when the dew drops have soften the grass but start your work when grass is dried.

  1. Use the moderate speed:

Use the moderate speed of the mower because you have to control the acceleration on the turning edges of the ground. High speed can leave patches in the ground. Moreover, for the perfect trimming the speed of the machine must be under control.

  1. Grass length is important:

Grass with the length of 3cm tall tends to look perfect and it is best for deep root system where as it prevent the invasion of weed as well.

  1. Sharpen your trimming blade:

Sharpen your trimming blade with sand paper, bastard file or grinding wheel. Sharp blades make your work easier and they got long life as well.

  1. Watering:

For the healthy growth of the grass, water is quite essential. You need to schedule your time according to your routine to water your lawn daily basis in the growing period of grass.

Now there is another thing that be considered that each one of us has seen the strips perfectly patterned in the cricket stadiums or university grounds and somehow we have a desire to make them in our lawn as well. There is little step guidance for you to make strip pattern in your lawn:

  1. What actually cause stripping in the grass?

Actually the lights that reflect from the sides of the grass cause the darker and lighter effect. To create the strips in your lawn you need to buy a toolkit for your mower o roller. Moreover you can learn in tutorials to create a one for yourself.

  1. What pattern you are choosing for your lawn?

There are three most common patterns for lawn.

  1. Stripes
  2. Checker board.

You have to choose the pattern for your lawn. Then take the estimation of how your lawn will look like in that pattern or how that pattern will fit in your area. Start to make pattern from the sides of the moving path or drive way. Turn your mower deck after you finish one line. Keep your mower straight if your pattern is straight lines. Keep looking 10ft ahead from the mower. Learn to complete the lines on the edges of the lawn to cover the entire area in pattern.

  1. What makes it look professional one?

To make your patterns more clear and reflective you have to add a professional look to your lawn that can be done by blending your grass blades a little bit and use lawn roller to modify your pattern.

There are few more tips for the healthy look of the lawn:

  1. Use the highest setting of the mower.
  2. Raise your mower nearly half an inch to make noticeable difference.
  3. Your lawn needs to be fed with proper lawn food to create a lush and healthy grass.

Types of lawn mowers that you can use in the home lawns:

  1. Cylinder
  2. Rotary
  3. Hover
  4. Electric
  5. Cordless
  6. Petrol
  7. Reel
  8. Portable

The selection of these lawn mowers depends upon the requirement of the lawn. It depends upon the desired style, size and power levels of the different models of mowers. Buying lawn mowers for yourself can be puzzling for you because there is a large competition in the markets that compares the technology of the manufacturer. Reel mowers are bit old fashioned but it is suitable for the beginners who are searching for the low-cost machine for their lawn maintenance.  It is the natural cutting tool that is more feasible for the small areas. It is easy to use with the safety of use.

Portable lawn mowers are feasible, easy-to-use and moreover they are cost effective also. There is large variety of portable lawn mowers in the market. They are easy to operate in the home lawn, grounds, parks and schools.

There are many others in the markets with the advanced technology but before buying lawn mower, you have to keep in view your budget.  Every mower machine is designed in a unique way. Some are petrol driven machines, some are gas consuming, some are electric and some are cordless. Among these there are robotic lawn mowers that have increased the competition in the market. But the heavy technology can prove to be heavy on your pocket also. Always fall for the most suitable machine that gives you more facilities and suits your economy as well.

Use the sharp blades for mowing as it enhances the look of the grass. Don’t cut your grass too short as it is called scalping and it effect badly to weaken the roots. Heavy look can be created with the maximum of 5cm of grass length and minimum is 2.5cm. Your lawn needs a healthy lawn food in the growing months to produce the best yield throughout the year. Your little attention and care can transform your lawn into the representative beautiful yard to spend your quality time in.