Several mistake we make in mower maintenance

//Several mistake we make in mower maintenance

Several mistake we make in mower maintenance


Common problem and maintenance tip on lawn mower

If you have a garden , the usual job you should do is mower your lawn and hedge . You often change air filter and some mower parts . Some below tip will improve the longevity of your lawn mower, and your yard !
1)Checking the air filter
The most common problem the customer make is not check air filter . blocking the filter with heavy dust will lead to that engine can get enough air , which can foul a plug .
The suction will image the air filter , allowing debris into engine which result in explore the cylinder.

2) keeping the blade sharp

Blunt blades will tear your mower , not cutting it .If your mower leave white streaks in blade when you are mowing , your grass is hurt by torn . And your grass will be infect disease . Your blades need to be sharpened a minimum of three times a year, sometimes more if you’ve run over sticks or other debris.

3) Store the lawn mower properly

It is important thing to keep the mouse away from the mower. In recent years we have been seeing is mouse problems. The mouse likes to nest near the coil and chew it with a coil wire. In many cases, these wires cannot be purchased separately and the coils can be expensive.

4) Not using quality fuel

There are many rusting problems is in the fuel tank , the reason usually caused by improper storage before gas has been poured into the machine. Also, remember the alcohol content in the gas. Alcohol in the gas can actually absorb water through the vents, bring water to your gas without knowing it. Water can cause many problems when water enters the fuel system. If you can, try looking for alcohol-free fuel.

5) Not Matching the right mower with the right application
Most lawn mowers you buy these days are running at full speed. They are designed to draw in enough air to cool the motor and keep the blade turning at the right speed ! Running slower than this will labor your engine, keep it from getting enough air, and lower your blade tip speed affecting the quality of your cut.
6) Not Matching the right mower with the right application

There are many lawn mowers for different application . Each one is built for a specific job, and if you try to use if for a different job, then you will run into problems. It is important to match the job with right lawn mower . contact us , we will advise the right lawn mower for you .

We are proud to pass on our acknowledge to you ! Try to avoid all the problem on the list, you should have a very good mowing season! Happy mowing.
There are many safety tips when using the mower. There are many accident that result in user injury. The user must work in safety environment.
Regarding safety using mower , there are lots of things to do. It include:

1.In order to protect small stone or grass injury the eyes and skin , you should Wear protected glasses
2.Mowing the grass in dry environment and in day.
3.inspect the goods and things in around that harm the user
4. Children and and pets must away from the machine and route of machine running
5. Insure that the starting cord are not kick-back when starting the machine
6.avoid that the environment will not damage when using the machine
7. Four wheel must size on the ground
It is essential to make precaution to avoid injury. For example:
1. Must using hand push lawn mower when mower the  massif and hill
2.Please close down the machine cross the panel and road
3.Ensure the machine stop when adjust the height of  plate and clean the grass basket
4. Ensure the machine close down when maintenance and repair the machine
5.Always open the safety setting
6.The children can’t operate the hand push lawn mower
7. Carefully read the manual before using the machine
To make the machine is always on good performance , you should often maintain the machine. Some tips recommend to you.
1. Inspect oil level during running 5 hours
2. Exchange oil after running 50 hours or start season
3. Replacing oil element when the machine running 25 hours
4. Clean the cold system after 100 hour using or every season
5.Check the spark after using 50 hours
6. Exchange oil filter after using 50 hours
7. Replacing spark after running 100 hours
8. Cleaning the combustion chamber sediment after 100-300 hours

The new lawn mower should be replaced with oil after the first five hours of use, and the engine oil should be changed once every 30 to 50 hours. Because the dust in the air enters the lawn mower caused that the engine oil heated which reduce the performance of the machine. If the oil is not replaced in time, the wear of the mower will be accelerated which reduce the service life of the lawn mower. and the failure of pulling the cylinder and the connecting rod will be more serious. .
When replacing the oil, put the oil in the oil drain hole of the oil pan at the lower part of the cutter head, or open the oil filling port and pour the machine left to put oil (air filter must be in the upper part). No matter how it is placed, it should be stopped immediately after the heat engine has been removed. After removing the spark plug ignition wire, the oil should be put clean and restored, and the appropriate oil should be added to the specified scale.
Be cautious when using lawn mower and treat it well, and maintenance according to the manual.