Several tips for maintenance lawn in spring

//Several tips for maintenance lawn in spring

Several tips for maintenance lawn in spring


Winter finally finish, which means store your snow shovel and begin to prepare your spring event, such as your lawn. As a Chinese proverb said ” The whole year’s work depends on a good start in spring ” Whatever you carrier work or your study, it is very important for us to make good start and plan, especially for you lawn due to grass grow faster in spring. Otherwise, you will be mess up in the summer.

The cold winter make your lawn, shrub, tree weak and hungry, especially after several month snow cover. If you want your garden fuller than ever, please follow these tip.

Make some clean
The first step is clean the leaf collected in winter, branch and other fragment. For these garden work, blowing machine is easy job. The fragment will block the machine and cutting off grass suck up the nutrition. These leaf will also hide many insect that make disease on lawn. Cleaning these leaf is not only make your garden fresh, your heart will also be light and good status, which are good to do other job. Go a head, choose a sunny day, it will bring you a sunny emotion.

Use fertilizer and herbicide
At early spring, it is essential to use fertilizer and herbicide. This fertilizer can apply for grass and herbicide should prevent Sargassum chinensis grass grow. And after six to eight weeks, use this fertilizer and herbicide match will make your grass grow. Otherwise, you will often remove the hard Sargassum chinensis in whole year, that is a very complex and heaven work.

Mowing the grass and frequent cut grass

Most of house owner will make one of big problem that sprout the grass for once due to they hope the grass grow tall. But actually, during the grass grow tall and then cut off, which is harm to root grow and prevent reproduce root normally. We suggest you cut the grass every five day in first six week, which make your grass grow thick and healthier.
How to clean your garden tool
After several months store stick juice of grass, iron rust and harmful residue will be on the surface of garden tool, below tips will instruct you how to clean the garden tool.
Please immerse the metal in vinegar for 20-30 minutes, and then use the soft brush wipe off the metal rust. If the metal rust still stick in surface, you can spray antirust to rust in future.
Sap and plant Goo
Using turpentine and coal oil, stick material will easily drop out. If you want to choose soft choice, you can try Alcohol hand sanitizer.

For any tools or flowerpots contained fertilizer or diseased plant residues, immerse these tool in 10% bleach solution and soak in 30 minutes, which can help eliminate any stubborn stains.
Finally, for tools that require additional polishing, 5 gallons of pail or can with filling sand and pour a quart of flax seed oil into it. You may see that some Web sites recommend using oil for this setting, however, remember that the oil on the tool will eventually fall into your soil., this is very environmental-friendly method that persist on using flaxseed, but also very suitable for prevent wood stem split in dry weather.

How to sharp your garden tool

Are your scissors not as good as they used to be? You can take your tools to professional mower store for sharpening, or you can do your own decent work by simply adding a few sharpening stone tools. Use a 10-inch sharpening knife, grinding the machine at 45 angle of the blade, always follow in same direction. For some objects requiring finer edges, such as smaller scissors, use a sharpener stone for polishing.

How to clean your garden sprayer

Sprayers for pesticides and herbicides should be clean before filling with any other substance. To clean your machine, firstly you should confirm the last chemical you use, and identify whether it has any special instruction. If you are not sure what the chemical is, the general cleaning method used by many people is ammonia immersion. Below tips is for how to do.
1.Using water to flush the residue which are through the nozzle pump repeatedly at least 10 times. Make sure that keep away from other people and your pets and plants at least 3 meter.
2.Mixing with 3 gallons of water and 1 cup of ammonia for make a cup solution. Fill solution into the tank and stay the solution for 20 minutes. Push opening switch to spray ammonia through the nozzle several times.

3.take down the nozzle and fully immerse it in the solution. Insure the two pieces soak for 18-24 hours.

4.Spray the solution in the tank.

5. Using the water to complete finally flush the machine.Make sure that deal all old and unknown chemical safely. Pouring these chemical water down drain-pipe is illegal since it will pollute clean water. Please contact the home hazardous waste treatment centre in your local, they will offer your correct instruction.
How to adjust machine

Similar your car, lawn mower should be regular maintenance to run at best performance. Here is tip for how to adjust machine
Exchange gas oil. Gas oil that stay in tank winter is common reason for can’t start machine.
Clean chassis. Firstly ensure disconnect off spark plug, then use wire brush or putty knife to clear the crater.
Check air flitter. You can clean air flitter with foam filters, and replace paper filters at low cost. This is done every year to reduce the pressure on the motor.
Change oil
If you see any debris in the machine, or if the oil looks dark, it’s time to change. Check the user manual for the route.
Change spark plug
Spark plug can help you to start the machine quickly, but also keep the machine run at high efficiency all the season. You can exchange the spark plug in several minute according the user manual once you get these parts.
Lubricated wheel bearing
All these moving parts that adding lubricated oil complete these work. Ensure that wipe off excess parts so that it doesn’t leave dirt.