Some tips for lawn fertilization

//Some tips for lawn fertilization

Some tips for lawn fertilization


Fertilize your lawn correctly, you will get a healthy and dense lawn. Keep the grass dark green and make the weed very small space for live.  Nitrogen is the most importance comments of every lawn, each type grass need different amount to show peak of display and  perfamance. How often fertilize also influence the appearance of grass, and effect maintenance level. If you fertilize more,  you should mow the lawn often.

Some tips for lawn fertilization

Use broad and Rotary hanger

When you fertilize a big lawn, broad or rotary hanger is the best choice., make sure it is closed after filling the hopper. It’s a good choice to put it into a waterproof cloth so you can easily collect any spilled fertilizer. First spread fertilizer around the lawn, and then begin to move back and forth on the lawn in an orderly manner. overlay the strip gently to make sure that you can overspread the entire lawn plainly with fertilizer.

Use drop spreader

Choose a drip distributor to control fertilizer distribute. overlay slightly each pass to ensure that coverage you have sufficiently and do not forget to close the hopper at the end of the activity. You will usually pay more for the cost of drop spreader.  It is worth of for you to take care of typical suburban lawn. If you pour fertilizer on the lawn careless, collect it as much as possible, and then to spread the remaining fertilizer as much as possible with a hard broom . Watering it and watering it again a few days later to make nitrogen into the soil and out of the area of lawn root.

Use of handheld broadcast broader

Hand-held broadcast spreader is suitable for fertilizing small lawn area. Walk evenly and slowly, and make sure that the distribution pattern overlay slightly each time you pass. When you have a cool area on your lawn that requires a different level of fertilization, the handhold broad spreader also a good helper. Some fertilizers match with herbicides lawn, which has double .also, we  can use a lawn mower to cut the grass from first. then we can use herbicides. Might have a better effect.

Use portable battery powered spreader

Portable battery-powered spreader is small application.  You only should open the match and start walking to fertilize your garden. It is a good choice for using small are that specially can’t use traditional spreader ,such as lean hill.

Fertilize and water

Water your lawn completely before apply the fertilization.  Grass dry then fertilize, water again slightly later. The second time is most important as flush the fertilize of grass into soil.  You also apply fertilize between rainfalls and rain will wash fertilization in soil.  You can make sure that you do not apply fertilization before downpour, otherwise the fertilization will be flush out, especially for lean lawn. Avoid that spread fertilize when the grass withered or brown as lack of water.

Grass cycling

Mowing the grass is also good way for fertilizing.  These cutting grass will provide 25 percent fertilize need, saving your fertilize and money. One hundred ponds grass can produce three to four nitrogen. A average half lawn in temperate district such like Pennsylvania will come into three tons grass clipping. So grass clipping play big important for nourishing your lawn.  You don’t have to exchange your lawn mower, although you might want to replace your mower with mulching blade, which cut the grass into smaller that decompose more quickly.

When you fertilize in hot season

When to fertilize depends on what kinds of grass. You should insure the time that  before is on peak growing of grass. If you live in warm district where own warm temperature, normally fertilize grass in end of spring or begin of summer, just before it grow quickly. Do it again in end of Summer. If your grass will be very cold and go dormant, please fertilize before Sep. 1st.

When you fertilize in cool season

Fertilize in cool season, and these fertilization named as winter fertilization. Many experts states that grass can be fertilize in autumn each year. Fertilize in fall is one of reason of fast growing in spring. With cold season coming, apply fertilize before be brown. Check with your local office to know the time for your garden.


Compost not only fertilize grass, but feed soil. Compost not only contain microbe, micronutrient ,organic substances that create a healthy underground environment. When should compost?  Spread a thin fertilize to promote the grow. Any time you plan aerate, paste the compost after aerate to improve soil and offer the root boost.

It is also a good idea that spread compost before over seeding thin turf. Use the back of a rake or a hard broom to compost between grass plants. Plans to water the lawn after composting to help it precipitate into the soil. Or let nature water and spread your compost before it rains. The final effect of  is thin enough that you see grass.