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Q:What do I do if the machine can’t start?

Verify that either the grass bag or the mulch plug are securely in place. If they are not in correctly the mower will not start.
Fresh fuel (less than 30 days old). Gasoline gets “stale” over time and fresh fuel ignites more easily.

We recommend that you use a national name brand to ensure that you are beginning with good quality fuel.
Starting will be easier if the spark plug is in good condition. A new and clean spark plug will be able to provide a better spark to ignite the fuel within the engine. You should also make sure the spark plug wire is attached to the spark plug.

A clean air filter helps make it easier to start your machine. Clean or replace the filter if it is dirty.
If you still can’t start the machine , feel free to contact with us .

Q:How can you assemble the machine?

You can read the manual . Or you can ask help for the salesman .

Q:How can exchange the parts ?

We will ship the parts by DHL in 5-10days .

Q:What is lead time ?

The lead time will spend 20-30days when you place the order .

Q:What is the payment ?

We prefer T/T

Q:How can we delivery the machine ?

We will ship the machine by sea , air freight , DHL , FedEx .