The difference between a chainsaw, a chain saw, a pneumatic saw and a chainsaw

//The difference between a chainsaw, a chain saw, a pneumatic saw and a chainsaw

The difference between a chainsaw, a chain saw, a pneumatic saw and a chainsaw


Chainsaw is one of the most widely used and frequently used power tools among many garden machines. Someone asked whether it is better to buy a chainsaw or a chainsaw. What’s the difference between a chainsaw and a chainsaw or a pneumatic saw? In fact, this is very simple to give you a small series of analysis, at the same time summed up a few common problems chainsaws.

What’s the difference between a chainsaw, a chain saw, a pneumatic saw and a chainsaw?

Electric saw, also known as “power saw,” electric saw as power, used to cut wood, stone, steel and other cutting tools, with sharp edge teeth. Break-up fixed and portable, saws are generally made of tool steel, there are round, strip and chain, and so on.

CHAINSAWS ARE OIL SAWS; there is no difference between the two, gasoline-powered hand saw, mainly used for cutting wood and timber, its working principle is the saw chain on the cross-cutting l-shaped blade to cut action.

Pneumatic saw is a pneumatic tool that uses gas as a power to cut wood, plastic and other materials.

Is it better to buy a chainsaw or a chainsaw to cut down trees?

Chainsaw power is relatively large, full horsepower, more durable, but maintenance trouble, chainsaw operation is simple, noise is low, but the price is high. If the workload is relatively large, consider chainsaws, if the workload is not unusually large or household, choose chainsaws, there are now rechargeable chainsaws, more batteries can also meet the demand, but the cost is relatively high, chainsaws cheap and durable. CREPE chainsaw has a high performance-to-price ratio, saves fuel and time

How does the oil pump of chainsaw machine work?

The working principle of the oil pump of chainsaw engine: the Turbine driven the Turbine Rod, the negative pressure is formed in the oil tank by the principle of volume ratio, and the oil is pressed into the oil pipe under the action of atmospheric pressure and transported to the guide plate and the chain. The oil pump assembly is a major part of the lubrication system of a two-stroke chain saw. It provides oil for high-speed chains and guides plates to prevent excessive heat generated by friction at work, resulting in chain guide plates of chain SAWS being too hot to work efficiently. The lubrication of a chainsaw engine is accomplished by the two-stroke engine oil in the fuel.

How do you take apart a chainsaw flywheel?

That is the reverse thread, you can use hammer anti-clockwise hit clutch spring baffle, generally did not move the oil saw thread would play thread sealant, it is best to use a hot air gun toast, this is easier to unload.

Why did the chainsaw stall when it was easy to start after working for a while?

That is the case of a high-temperature flameout, first check the cylinder pressure, whether slightly pull the cylinder, to see if the carburetor and fuel tank filter head is dirty, dirty change.

How do you install a chain saw when it is off?

First, remove the fixing plate, loosen the saw chain fastening bolt can be installed, after installation, then tighten the fastening bolt to saw chain can easily pull it. Remember where you took it off, or you’ll have to do it all over again.

What is the reason why it is difficult to start the chain saw after the chain saw stops running at high speed?

It should be cold start no problem if it is high-speed off it is difficult to start again, so it is likely to be a cylinder, have to go to a professional repair shop or contact after sales to replace the Piston and cylinder block.

The reason is: When the engine started, the heat, Piston and cylinder block due to a gap between the expansion of air-tightness, which cannot absorb enough oil and air. Although it can start a fire, the thin oil and gas will create a higher temperature and much gap. At the same time, the thermal expansion thrust after ignition will also be lost from the gap, resulting in a lack of thrust in the Piston and a decrease in power Eventually, a double stack causes the flameout.