The Operation Guide of Lawn Machine ?

//The Operation Guide of Lawn Machine ?

The Operation Guide of Lawn Machine ?


1. Hands and feet should not be close to rotating parts when operating,

2. When the operator temporarily leaves the lawnmower, the engine shall be shut down and stopped.

3. The cutting machine should be stopped when the work site is transferred.

4. Stopping the engine and cutting machine first when check and move the lawn mower. Please take care of your hands and feet before checking and moving machine.

5. Riding lawn mowers are not allowed to take non-operating person.

6. When the engine is overheated, it should be stopped after being idled. When stopping the inspection and adjustment, avoid being burned by the exhaust pipe.

7. When the lawnmower moves back or pulls back, pls be careful for your hand and foot.

8. During operation, it is necessary to pay attention to check the lawn mower in case of any abnormal phenomenon. If there are abnormal sounds and loose parts, etc., the machine should be shut down for maintenance.

9. When working on a slope or a bumpy lawn,please reduce the driving speed appropriately. It should be shut down immediately to check if any parts are damaged when the blade hits a stone or other obstacle, .

10. Please turn off the tank after the work is completed every day.