Tips for storing mower in winter

//Tips for storing mower in winter

Tips for storing mower in winter


Tips for storing mower in winter

Merry Christmas!  Winter is coming , maybe you are enjoy the time with your family.  The lawn also rest in winter and waiting for sprouting in next spring. Your garden helper maybe not stand hard time due to the machine not be run often. If you are not store your mower properly, Please check the tip as below.  You will decrease the failure rate follow these tip.

1.Taking out battery

Due to you will not use the machine this year, you should take out  the battery to store the machine in dry and shady environment, such as car garage, warehouse . Before taking the battery , the best way you full charge the battery,which will expand the life time of the battery. The battery must away from heat resource, such as gas tank, heater.

2. Clean the chassis and surface of the machine

It is obviously for first step that cleaning the dirt and grass clipping on the machine. Clean agent is a good tool for clean soft rubble and blade. First, you should spray the clean gent on the surface of machine and quietly place for 10 to 15 minutes, then clean dirt.

3. spray degreasing agent

The machine will pollute the oil when usage. You should spray the degreasing agent on oil spot, which same quietly place it 10 to 15 minute. Then using clothes clean the soft tube.

4.inspect damage of blade

You can inspect the blade if is bend, if yes, you can exchange blade immediately due to it will be wear and damage machine and shaft. Concave blade will increase the fragment grass, which teasing the grass lead the grass dull and brown. You also exchange concave blade.
You should exchange the blade according to manual or that recommended by manufacturer. Do not use common blade.

5.Identify if drain the fuel tank

Normally, we will drain the fuel when reserve the machine. Actually, you should identify if drain the fuel tank according to the manual. If the machine need reserve the oil on tank, you should preserve good quality in tank to protect the oil block the carburetor. Many problem about can’t start the machine is due to old fuel block the carburetor, which will spend you many time and energy to start the machine. We suggest you can identify the machine preserve the oil.
Clean fuel cover

You should use brush to clean the dirt on surface fuel cover. Prohibit use carburetor to clean the fuel cove due to will block the small vent. You can exchange the fuel cover if the cover is block that you can’t flush out the vent.

Exchange spark plug

Exchange the spark plug every half year, even it is work. Many people didn’t realize that it is important for the mower.
With the using time pass, the spark will accumulate the carbon result in electrode weak. It will influence the function of machine and increase the fuel consumption.
We recommend that exchange the spark plug that the factory suggest. It will be wear and damage the motor.
Spray the antirust on surface
In order to protect rust in surface of machine, please spray antirust on surface that expose in air. Otherwise the machine will rust slowly. It will seems new after spray the machine.

Clean or exchange the air filter

Air filter will protect the small fragment into machine and carburetor. Foam filters can be cleaned with water and clean agents , but it will deserve the risk of tearing. If the filter seems terrible and can’t clean, we recommend exchange the filter.
Exchange machine oil

We suggest that exchange machine oil after every 50 hours. It is same with car engine oil, it will be produce carbon during using. So you should inspect the color of engine oil. If the color of engine is amber, you should exchange engine oil.
We recommend you exchange engine oil according to manual. Normally, you can found the engine oil in your local mower store or car store.
Found ideal preserved place where is dry and cover. You can rest your mower in your warehouse, garage. Please preserve the machine away from clean agent and chemical agent. If the agents will

Flow out, it will damage the mower.

Please Inspect the tyre if you don’t want fixed the tyre in hot summer. You should inspect if small vent in tyre and the pressure in normal. If it is yes, please think a way to repair the vent and adjust the tyre pressure.
Away from concrete

The tyre will be reaction will reaction with concrete ground, and damage the tyre specially in cold winter. There are some solution for your reference. Heat the concrete ground. If you plan to work a long time on warehouse in winter, that is a good idea. Otherwise it will be expensive solution. Second solution is economic, you can separate the tyre with concrete ground. Spread the water-proof clothes, then put the mower on water-proof clothes. That is very efficient and economic solution. The last solution is most economic, but you should move the mower sometimes. You ensure the different place of tyre contact the ground.
Prevent rodent animal

When you complete all step for your machine, You still meet a very hard problem. The disgusting mouse like to nesting in warehouse and garage, which will chew the line in winter. You insure that warehouse is safe. You should put the glue trap and catch trap where is the machine. And you should often inspect the mouse rat hole. The most important thing is check if all wires broken .