What causes the emerging trend of lawn mowers industry in Asia?

//What causes the emerging trend of lawn mowers industry in Asia?

What causes the emerging trend of lawn mowers industry in Asia?


Lawn mowers are the machines utilized for grass cutting and trimming the lawn. Lawn mowers are of two types: hand operated and electric lawn mower. Lawn equipment is the most essential part of lawn care industry. There is variety of equipment that is used on commercial and residential level to maintain the lawn like: trimmers and edges, garden tractor, lawn mowers and blowers. These are used according to the area of the field like garden, sports ground, golf ground, and commercial parks relatively.

Studies showed that there was huge raise of lawn mowers in global market by 2.5% growth per year. This trend got heap in 2011-2016 so that made us think that what causes the emerging trend of lawn mowers industry in Asia. The basic factors are:

  1. Small family household are more demanded.

In the recent research to study the cause of increase in the market of lawn mower, showed that small family house maintenance equipment are more demanded. This shows that how this factor has influenced the marketing of lawn mower in Asian regions.

  1. Golf courses and sport fields are increased in number.

As per research, there is large number of land occupied as the golf courses and sport fields. As the trend of sports practices enhanced the need to maintain those large grounds are enhanced too. There is the variety of equipment use to mow the ground and sports fields. Same is the case with golf-courses, more people are joining golf clubs and that directly increased the demand of more golf grounds. It shows the rapid increase to change the trend of lawn mowing industry.

  1. The size of mediocre class is increased.

Size of middle-class is increased in the Asian countries like India and china. There is huge significance of population rate that grows each year. This growth results in the demand of manufacturing more products on industrial level. Just like every industry grows, the lawn mower industry expanded in the same way.

  1. The introduction of new technology like robotic mowers.

The advancement in the technology has increased the competition in the marketing of lawn mowers. The worldwide markets of robotic mowers are growing with roughly estimated rate of 12.7% each year. There is the fact that robotic manufacturer are in Europe and America but the demand of robotic mower are more in the Asian countries where there is trend to have lawns and gardens in the houses. Robotic mowers have variety of ways to utilize like commercial purposes and residential requirements. China and japan is giving lead to the industry of robotic mowers in manufacturing.

There are few other factors that are studied in the statics analysis are:

  1. Rapid increase in the selling rates of battery-driven equipment:

The impact of the market changes as the battery powered lawn mowers are introduced in the markets. The corded and power supplied were not that feasible to use but battery driven are more convenient with high mobility. Their functionality is enhanced with the advanced technology that improves the overall performance of that equipment. The cordless mowers are easy to operate and more suitable to maintain. They are more environments friendly and less noisy. These smart products can raise the competition for the engine driven commercial use products. They are more challenging to compete with existing power consuming devices.

Summarizing this point, there is a global enhancement in the battery powered equipment in the marketing statics of all the regions.

  1. China has gained share in manufacturing.

According to the recent analysis, U.S. is the top listed country that is exporting lawn mowing products all over the world. China is listed second that. It has number of multi firmed industries that are giving quality products. They don’t compromise on their repute. The large scale and small both are producing lawn mowing products on their ends. They are introducing these products in the economical prices. But as the Asian markets are already in deal with U.S. so their trend will need some to change. China is the growing industrial country; they are making more progress in the quality and advanced technology of the products.

  1. Trend to spend time in outdoors increased rapidly.

As the trend to maintain the house gardens and lawns is more in demand, there is a change in the trend of indoor activities. People trend to take their young ones outside to provide them healthy environment. They want to make their children interact with nature beside the life of artificial technologies.

As the mindset is changed, the demand of parks is increased also. So the need to maintain the beauty of these parks is hyped too. The tool to maintain that beauty is necessary, so the landscape industry is flourished with representative measuring.

So summarizing the above factors, there is much need of lawn mowers are the trend of houses and single families is increased. Every single person wants to maintain a beautiful lawn for themselves. Besides it increases the beauty of the houses, it is a must needed thing to spend the quality time with nature interactions.

The advanced technology has played a very important role in the huge enlargement of the lawn mower industry. The new products are more convenient and more reliable. Moreover the most influencing factor is the invention of robotic mowers. They are cordless, more efficient and time saver. They work with sensors and they go automatically to sleep while it rains. You have to adjust them according to your requirement.

Commercial grounds are more in demand that has cause an effective growth of the industry of landscape.  Practice grounds are needed for the coaching academies these days. Now-a-days the schools are in need of sports ground to train the teams. When the area of maintenance increased, the demand of products and tools to maintain that land increased. It is directly related to the need of the population and the industries that introduce the products with advanced technology.