What problems in using lawn mowers? How to solve it? 

//What problems in using lawn mowers? How to solve it? 

What problems in using lawn mowers? How to solve it? 


In the process of using the mower, there will be problems such as muffler emits black smoke, poor power , severe noise, difficulty in starting, engine vibration, engine can’t stop, etc. For those who have just learned to use the lawn mower, meeting this kind of problem will definitely make them feel helpless. some people will think if it is a problem with the grass blade the first time, or if there is a problem with the engine of the machine. When you encounter a problem, first of all, you look for the reason of the problem , so that you can solve the problem quickly . There are some tips for these problems. We will share them with you at the first time.

1. The muffler emits black smoke:
The reason of the emit black smoke , which is the mixing proportion of the intake combustion is higher than standard. If happens, try to clean or exchange the air filter. If the question still not solved, the carburetor of lawn mower needs to be adjusted or cleaned.

Second, the power of mower is weak:
Clean the air filter or replace it if cannot be cleaned. Please check that the blade is sharp or not, and it needs to be sanded if not enough sharp. In addition, you should reduce the size of the grass if it is the lawn is thick , which reduce the load on the engine.

Third, severe noise:
The reason of the above failure is that the blade bolt is not tightened. If found the problem, you should unscrew the bolt from blade and remove the cutter, then check it whether is damage. And then refit the cutter and blade and tighten the bolt.

Fourth, the difficulty of starting:
If encounter this question, you should unscrew the spark plug and dry it (pay attention to anti-heat), then pull the starter rope several times, finally put the spark plug back and start the engine.

5. Violent vibration:
There are several reasons why this can happen:
(1) The blade is bent or damage , which result of loses balance;
(2) the crankshaft is bent due to collide;
(3) The cutter is damaged, causing the blade and crankshaft vacillate and imbalance;
(4) Loose of engine fixing screws.;
(5) The engine base is damaged;
(6) The blade hits a hard object.